Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"A Bride for Donnigan". By: Janette Oke

Well-known and loved storyteller Janet Oke presents a beautifully told tale in her best tradition. With both anticipation and anxiety, Donnigan, a man surviving on the Western frontier alone, and Kathleen, a young girl thousands of miles away with limited prospects of finding a husband and stirrings of adventure in her heart, are at last united to begin their lives together.

My Review: I LOVE reading about mail order brides and this one has such a sweet ending!! I have not read it for a while now as I have to get from the library but would love to own it:) I do not remember anything said that's bad, there is a couple characters that bother me and I don't like them but each book has to have someone like that;) A all together good book that everyone should read!

There is some things about a baby and a pregnancy that you may want to take caution in.
recommend for 14 and up.

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