Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Review Of "The Wind Blows Free" By Loula Grace Erdman

The Wind Blows Free is the first book in the three book series called The Texas Panhandle Series.
The story is about Melinda Pierce, a fourteen year old town girl who goes to live in the country after a fire destroys her father's store. Melinda has always wanted to go to school in the town she grew up in, but how can she when she lives so far away? This book is the tale of how a young girl learns to love the simple life.

My Review: Though this was probally my least favorite of the three books, it was still nice. There is nothing that I remember in it that was very objectional. There is one part where some men force their way into the Pierce's home, which could be frightening. Other then that, it is just a sweet story for girls. I recommend for ages 12 and up.

(I realize there was no more then one post posted, and remained posted, last week. The good LORD willing, this week should have the full three.)

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