Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book Review of The Little White Horse.
This is one of the best, most beautiful, and enchanting books I think I will ever read.  It was my Mum's favourite growing up as well, and I will definitely be reading it to my little siblings when they are older. 

The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth Goudge, starts off with the young orphan, Maria, who [along with her dog and governess] is going to live with her uncle at Moonacre Manor.  There are mysteries surrounding Moonacre Manor, though, and Maria plays a big part in them.  Who is the little white horse Maria keeps seeing?  What about the "Moon Princess", who some people seem to think Maria is? 

An almost believable blend of fantasy and reality, The Little White Horse is filled with love, revenge, friendship, and a simple sense of delightful-ness that will leave you wanting to travel to the magical land of Moonacre.  My Mum actually cried when she finished this, because you just have to go there, even though it doesn't exist.  Strange, I know, but still.  I highly recommend this book for ages 10 to 100. :-)

Oh, there is a bit of language, I has been a couple months since I last read it, and it is currently packed up so I can't go check.  If there is any, it's not a lot at all.

~Hannah Grace


  1. I do not believe I have ever heard of this book, but it sounds like a sweet tale.