Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Review Of "Wings Like A Dove" By Christine Farenhorst

Wings Like A Dove by Christine Farenhorst is the tale of Queen Jeannne D' Albert of Navarre, a queen who became a protestant during the Reformation. The story begins when she is five, "almost six" years old, and goes all the way to her public proclomation of being a protestant at age 32. It tells of the times when those who refused to pray to Mary were killed.

My Review: The book itself is different. Instead of speaking of gowns and frills of roayl life, it depicts the hardships of those who stood up for GOD in their faith, and went against the Catholic Church. There is one bad word in the story, the other word for donkey, but Jeanne is referring to a donkey. There is also one bad word, a name that I do not want to repeat, that is used in the epilouge. This however, since I guess the epilogue was historical fact, was a name one of the king's from one of the surrounding countries called her for her not following the Roman Catholic Faith. Instead she followed the true Faith. Other then that, the language level is good.
This story, having taken place in the reformation mentions the deaths of huguenots by burning at the stake, and heads being chopped. However, these things did happen. The description for these are not gory, and so you do not have to worry about in depth details of the murders of the victims.
Also, there is a part in the book where Jeanne's Father, King Henri, slaps her mother after she prays with the protestants. Mentionings of Jeanne being hit from her father from the same incident are in the book, along with her beating's for refusing to marry a man, take place. These are also not entirely detailed.
To sum this up, this story tells of the life of the real Queen of Navarre(a small country between France and Spain). It may give you somewhat the feel of the times when those whose worshiped GOD as the Bible says to, and not the way the Catholic church says to. Jeanne was a brave woman in the end, and her faith in GOD was strong enough for her to stand up and defend the huguenots, and most importantly GOD's Word.
I recommend for ages 12 and up.

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  1. I was just wondering if you knew who the publisher was for this book?? I couldn't get it from our local library's so I might just order it from the publisher:) Thanks.