Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Review Of "A Lady Of High Regard" By Tracie Peterson

Mia Stanley has a compassionate heart. With a job at Godey's Ladies Magazine, she soon finds a a purpose to show her kindness. But a lady of society should not expose herself to the dangers of the world of the seaman's wives she is trying to help. Still, Mia foolishly puts herself in harms way, for who else will help the poor lives of the women and children whose father's and husbands are dead or away at sea? With the LORD's help, will she, a lady of high regard, be able to help them?

My Review: A Lady of High Regard was a nice book. Mia is a sweet natured character at heart, but she goes on impulse and does not think about the consequences of her actions. It was easy to like her character, along with others in the book like Garret Wilson, his step mother Mercy, Mercy's daughter's Agnes and Bliss, and perhaps others who make their appearance at different times in the book. Set in Philadelphia in the 1850's, it is a charming story, though some of the book's content is a bit dark, and there is also content not meant for a young reader. I recommend for ages sixteen and up.

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