Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Review OF "Mercy Clifton: Pilgrim Girl"

Mercy Clifton, Pilgrim Girl, written by Peter Marshall, David Manuel, and Shelldon Maxwell, is one of the books in the Crimson Cross series. It tells the story of Mercy Clifton, a sixteen year old pilgrim who travels on the Mayflower to the New World. Mercy struggles through problems such as death, disease, hunger, and feelings for a young man. Mercy never blames GOD for her problems that I remember. In the story she makes friends with a chief's daughter, Amie, and the two of them later come to a point in life where they must try and prevent war. Will they be able to? What is the beautiful silver cross with five red gems William Bradford has?

My Review: This book was a nice read. I only remember one objectionable thing, and that is when Mercy lies, though she does admit, if I remember correctly, that she ought not have. I do not know the age range for this book, but I believe I will recommend it for ages thriteen and up.

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