Friday, October 22, 2010

Review of Gone-away Lake, by Hannah Grace.
Gone-away Lake

Author: Elizabeth Enright.

Length: 272 pages

Gone-Away Lake was once a play where several families got together in the summer to have fun. It became a tradition, until something happened and the lake was abandoned. But now, Minnie and her brother Pin have returned to stay there, alone for the rest of their days. Or, so they thought. After several years of living alone, they are suddenly discovered by two young explorers: Julian and his cousin Portia. Now everything they know is changing.


Gone-Away Lake did not look very interesting, to me. But when I first opened it and started reading, I couldn't stop! It's not a thriller, or a murder-mystery, but it is a story of Summer. A story of memories, laughter, and fun. All in all, a VERY enjoyable book. There is a little bit of lying, in a way, because for a little while Julian and Portia do not tell anyone else about Gone-Away Lake, Minnie, and Pin. After awhile though it all works out, and the two apologize for lying and sneaking.

There is also a sequel to this, Return to Gone-Away I believe it is called, but I haven't read it yet.

I'd recomend this book as a family read-aloud, or for ages 8 and up. :-)

~Hannah Grace


  1. Beautiful blog! And lovely post, sis! ;-) I read that book ages ago and simply loved it. Do you have the sequel?

  2. I like your description, how you wrote it is "a story of Summer." There is something pretty about that.

  3. I love that book, and have read it countless times! You must read the sequel. I wish I jump into the story myself. :-D