Monday, October 18, 2010

Review Of The "PostCards From Pullman" series by Judith Miller

One of my favorite series of books that I have read this year are the Postcards From Pullman series by Judith Miller. The series includes the three books In The Company of Secrets, Whispers Along the Rails, and An Unexpected Change.

The series follows the life of Olivia Motte, an English maid who dreams of working in the kitchen as a cook. One day the daughter of the lady she works for, named Lady Charlotte, gives her a chance to be that....through deceit. The two of them travel to the town of Pullman, Illinois, where Olivia is given the job of assistant chef, and Charlotte attempts to right a wrong. Soon they are in a huge tangle of lies so awful they have to write them down to memorize! Will Olivia stop the lying she know is wrong before GOD, even if it means hurting her status with her job, new friends, and a beau?

My Review: As I have written, it one of my favorite series I have read in the past year. The description above is for the first book, and the following two continue the lives of Olivia and Charlotte. They were an enjoyable read, full of lovable characters and a nice story line. If you like historical fiction, some romance, and food, this book is one to add to your "to read" list.

I recommend for ages sixteen and up.

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