Monday, December 27, 2010

Books Of Old Reading Challenge: Post One

The good LORD willing, 2011 is almost here. Therefore, the Ladies Library is hosting it's first reading challenge!

The Books Of Old Reading Challenge

What is this? The good LORD willing, this challenge is to start on January 1, 2011, and end December 31, 2011.

The challenge is to pick 1 to 5 books written before the year 1950. List the books on your blog, then link up your post to the linky that the good LORD willing, will appear soon.
After you have read the book, you can choose to review it and post it to your blog. Then let us know that you posted the review by commenting the link to the post on the Ladies Library blog. The good LORD willing, the link will be placed on a page at the top if your blog has nothing indecent on it.


1. Choose one to five books to read
2. List the book or books you plan to read on your blog
3. Link to the exact post of the list on your blog on the linky
4. You must be a lady, young or old, to do this.

If your blog has anything indecent on it, bad language, or speaks against GOD, Jesus, or the Bible, please do not link to The Ladies Library. This is to prevent readers from seeing or reading something they may not want to see.

Please join me in The Books Of Old Reading Challenge.


  1. I am definitely going to be doing this! **going to pick my five books now!**

  2. Wow, sounds great! I'm excited for this reading challenge.
    I'll have to start getting my book list ready so that I can post it on my blog soon.

  3. I'd love to do this too. I just have to pick which books to choose. Most of the fiction I read was written before 1950 :)