Monday, December 20, 2010

Book Review Of "Heartless" By Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Heartless is a tale of a Princess.

In the land of Parumvir there lived a princess named Una. The princess had a brother named Felix and a father whose name was Fidel, but her mother was dead. She lived near a wood, called Goldstone Wood, and there she and her brother went to play when they were children. Now she is of age to wed. Una, the princess, wants to marry, but who will have her?

Soon she is offered marriage by the Prince of Farthestshore, Prince Aethelbald. From the moment they meet he seems plain, making him not the most noticeable of suitors. This makes it hard for him when other princes, who are more interesting come to take, or attempt to take, her heart.

When Prince Aethebald comes, Una begins to have strange things happen to her. Her nights have strange dreams, and her hands burn. Prince Aethelbald says he can help her, but Una refuses his aid.

Join Una, prince Felix, king Fidel, and her cat named Monster, as they venture through trials, heartache, and love.

Can anyone stop the Dragon king, the one who seeks Una, before it is too late?

My Review: Heartless is one of the nicest fantasy books I have read. Yes, it is long, but once you get to the end, the pages and pages of reading are about worth the time you spent to find out what will happen to Una, her family, Prince Aethelbald, and her cat.

The story is an allegory. Prince Aethebald, I believe, represents Jesus. As he says when Una is called stubborn about her decision of not accepting him, he says something like "I Am Stedfast." No matter what, he loves Una, even when she is unlovable.

I think this would be a nice gift, Christmas or just to give, for teenage girls. It has a storyline where you can just see the love of Jesus for an ugly soul.

The good LORD willing, I look forward to the next book : Veiled Rose, which sadly is not scheduled to release for months.

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