Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Review of Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

The scene was Norway, winter of 1940. The Nazis had just invaded and everything had changed. Unknown to the Nazis, the people of Peter and Lovisa's village were hiding nine million dollars worth of gold that had belonged to the Norwegian government. What would they do with it? The Nazis would someday find out and then it would be used to fight against their country. If they could get it to America, then it would be safe, but America was a long way off, and to get the gold onto a boat they had to bring it down many miles to a fiord, right under the eyes of German sentries. It they tried to just pick it up and carry it there they would certainly be caught and the gold confiscated. What should they do? Finally Peter and Lovisa's Uncle Victor had a plan. It was a risky plan, it was a dangerous plan, but it was a plan. Now it was up to Peter, Lovisa and the other children of the village to save their country's gold.
Snow Treasure is based on the story a Norwegian captain told when he arrived in Baltimore with a cargo of gold. Marie McSwigan has done a excellent job making the characters and the story seem alive. I recommend this book to read aloud or alone for all ages.

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  1. LOVE THIS BOOK! I've read it several times during my childhood. =)
    Probably will read it again one day, undoubtedly.