Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Review of The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh

The Unfinished Gift

The Unfinished Gift

written by Dan Walsh

256 pages
published in 2009

I really enjoyed reading this book! It's a Christmastime story that takes place during World War II.

Recommended for adults, but teenagers/youth would certainly enjoy it as well. I think it would even be great for a read-aloud to younger siblings... after all, the main character in the book is just a little boy. He just has a big dramatic story.

Little 7-year-old Patrick only has 2 Christmas wishes. He hopes his dad comes home soon from the war. And he wants that hand-carved wooden soldier that he found one day in his grandfather's dusty attic. He's sure his grandfather doesn't want to keep it, but why won't he let Patrick have it?

Patrick has had a lot to happen to him recently. His mother just passed away. He was sent to live with his grandfather whom he has barely seen before. His grandfather, Ian, is a grouchy old man, and only took his grandson because it was a duty. As soon as Patrick's father arrives home from the war, then the boy will be off his hands anyhow. It won't be much longer will it?

Living in the dreary days in his grandfather's house, Patrick finds 2 people whom he likes. One is Mrs. Townsend, the government lady who checks on him from time to time. Also, there's Mrs. Fortini his Italian next-door neighbor. She sure knows how to get Patrick's grandfather moving.

This is the story of grudges, forgiveness, pain, and loving your family. A captivating tale, and well-written too. I'm excited to continue this family's story in the sequel, "The Homecoming."

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your holiday reading!

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  1. Tarissa,

    Thanks for the kind review of my book. I've set a Google alert on the title (that's how I found this). Hope you enjoy The Homecoming. This is a wonderful little blog you all have started. I wish you great success.

    If you or your friends would like some signed bookmarks of my next novel, The Deepest Waters, you can email me your address using the Contact Me button on my website. It's Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Dan Walsh