Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Review of Princess of Orange by Elisabeth Kyle

Princess of Orange is the story of Mary, a young English princess, daughter of the Duke of York, in the late seventeenth century. She is being educated with her sister Anne and a sharp, clever, and extraordinarily pretty spitfire named Sarah Jennings. Even when only eleven or twelve her cousin Monmouth's hints and Sarah Jennings sharp teasing remind her that she is only a pawn, to be married to some foreigner, perhaps the Prince of Orange. And when she was fifteen, that was exactly what happened. Then William, Prince of Orange comes from Holland, asks to marry her, and her father and her uncle, King Charles, insist. Mary is unwillingly wedded to him and then they move to Holland. There Mary gradually learns about the man she has married. His love of beauty, his greatness begins to endear him to her.

This historical novel continues to speak of Mary and William's happy marriage, the unsuccessful rebellion of Mary's cousin Monmouth, and how Mary and William become King and Queen of England. Princess of Orange is a captivating story and recommended for ages eleven and up.

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