Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review of Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson



written by Robert Louis Stevenson

288 pages
originally published in 1886

When the story begins, it finds a young man in Scotland, who is named David Balfour. He is seventeen years old, and he has lost both his parents. David is told to journey to the House of Shaws'this was his late father's wish. The House of Shaws in famous for its wealth. David, who comes from a somewhat poor family, cannot fathom the reason of why he must visit this mansion.

Once he sets foot on his way, he is met by shady strangers, and he never knows which ones to trust. David gets a ride that he didn't expect, and it ends in devastating tragedy. He is caught in a trap of secrets that he doesn't even understand himself, but he must (at all costs) keep quiet about what he knows. Otherwise, his life and his friend Alan Breck's life are at stake. These two new comrades, even when not in agreeable moods, must stick together if they are going to survive their trek through the lowlands and highlands of Scotland.

I'd recommend "Kidnapped" to all ages over 13. During certain parts of the the story, it seemed to be harder to read because of the old English language being used. My copy of the book handily had a word glossary in the back. (and I used it frequently!!)

From the very first page, the story had me locked into it. Set sail with David Balfour, and be prepared for adventure, intrigue, and a surprise or two along the way.

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